The secret of a real Italian Espresso coffee

The lever machines allow a better exploitation of the coffee powders.
In this way we obtain “the cream of coffee” known as the true secret of the Espresso.
Discover the step to obtain a perfect Espresso.


The right temperature
Turn on the machine with the lever down. Wait for the water inside of the boiler reaches the operating temperature.


The hydraulic pre-infusion
Lifting the lever, the water in the boiler enters the brewing group and mixes with the colder water. It reaches the right temperature and damp the coffee powders for the supply.


The right pressure
Use a coffee blend of excellent quality, well-roasted and properly ground for espresso coffee machines.
Lowering the lever with the right intensity, you obtain the pressure to brew an Espresso coffee at about 92° c.
This is the perfect temperature to obtain all the best peculiarities from the coffee powders and to reach a substantial and a long-lasting aftertaste.

The art of the "Espresso"
With the lever group you get a perfect utilization of the coffee powders: the hydraulic pre-infusion and the extraction pressure combined with Water’s thermo-compensation are the technical feature of the lever group.
The hydraulic pre-infusion is a mix of water and steam at the pressure of 1 atm, The initial pressure on the coffee powders that are soaked, is soft. The extraction pressure starts from 1 atm rising up to 9 atm and decreasing to 0 at the end of the lowering of the lever. The water temperature during brewing is mixed by the group jacket which carry out a mix between the water in the group and the water withdrawn from the boiler. The espresso has a more intense and thick flavour. A more fragrant and soft smell. An aftertaste that lasts over time.
The cream is less rich because it extracts only the heart of the coffee. A lower caffeine content.


All the steam you need.
When you need it.
The large boiler with a capacity of 0.8 or 1.6 liters depending on the model, allows to obtain a steam which can be both instantaneous and permanent. Instantaneous because available since the machine is under pressure and permanent because the water in the boiler allows you to prepare delicious cappuccino in series. The steam supplied is dry and do not dilute the milk during the emulsion for a really creamy cappuccino.


Cappuccino Automatic. Simply perfect.
The lever machines equipped with this optional suck the milk directly from the milk carton. It emulsifies and supplies it in the cups at the right temperature and creaminess, perfectly frothed and ready to be tasted. Very easy to prepare and maximum hygiene in cleaning the machine.


The good "Cappuccino"
The boiler which has a capacity of 0,8lt or 1,6lt you can obtain the following performance:
1. Instant steam: when the machine is in pressure you have immediately at your disposal the steam without waiting
2. Abiding steam : since the water is in the boiler, the steam is always at disposal to prepare a sequence of cappuccini.
3. Dry steam: in the boiler there are water and steam. Opening the steam tap a dry steam leaves without wetting the milk or other products
The era of "Cappuccino Automatic"
System easily and immediately takes the milk directly from the jug delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup. The system ensures maximum hygiene and requires no manual dexterity from the operator. At the end of the frothing cycle you only need to pump water through the system to remove any milk residues.