Optionals – Cappuccino Automatic

The Cappuccino Automatic enables to prepare some Italian style cappuccinos using just one cup, or to brew some frothy milk directly into the jug. This device sucks the milk directly out of its container and brews it warm and perfectly frothed into the cup with the espresso, or in a suitable jug. The temperature of the milk and the cream thickness can be adjusted by the dedicated regulation pin. Excluding all manual operation, it guarantees the maximum hygiene.

cod. 393710R Assy intercambiabilità cappuccino/lancia Cafè, Pub
cod. 394535R Assy cappuccino automatic Bar L
cod. 394533R Assy cappuccino automatic Bar M/V/D
cod. 394553R Assy cappuccino automatic Bar S
cod. 393721R Assy intercambiabilità cappuccino/lancia Hotel M/V

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