Lever Machines. Iconic design between past and present

La Pavoni has been synonymous with Italian coffee since 1905. A long history of passion and tradition which has made its Espresso coffee machines famous all around the world. The range of lever machines are iconic models, made completely by hand in the company’s Milan factory. They are an important part of Italy’s design history, one which has made preparing coffee a delicious art.

The perfect combination of design, tradition and technology, the lever models offer perfect brewing which allows users to enjoy a delicious coffee with abundant “crema” from a miniature espresso bar-type machine. Indeed, manual brewing incorporates the art of preparing a real Espresso in the finest Italian tradition, for a coffee with an intense, full-bodied flavour.

La Pavoni lever machines allow the user to become their own barista: pressing down the lever with the correct force achieves the perfect pressure, between 7 and 8 bar, to best exploit the coffee grounds and obtain an incomparable shot of Espresso.

The range is composed of the Europiccola models, the lever machine par excellence which never goes out of fashion, dating back to 1961; this was followed up in the 1970s by the larger Professional model, which allows double the quantity of coffee to be prepared and is equipped with a pressure gauge that displays the pressure inside the boiler at all times.

More recent are the Stradivari models with arch-shaped levers and sinuous base reminiscent of a violin; the Expo model, and the brand-new Esperto models, the top-of-the-range lever models. Made with the highest quality materials, these machines are not affected by limescale deposits, limiting the regular maintenance required. They are the perfect balance of elegance, quality and reliability, allowing users not only to prepare the perfect Espresso to meet their tastes, but even to create creamy cappuccinos like in the best Italian coffee bars.

La Pavoni Professional model from 1974 is on display at MOMA in New York City, showing how these models represent the highest standard of coffee machines for domestic use in the world.